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Blow Job Freshening Mouth Spray
When you need fresh breath in a flash! These gorgeous breath fresheners are small in size making them ideal for popping in your handbag. Each has a sexy pin up design on the canister meaning they're also a fab fashion accessory. When in need simp..
Bound to Please Adjustable Nipple Clamp & Chain
Tailor your pleasure and pain play with these quality; adjustable nipple clamps. Simply twist the screw to suit your mood; while the rubberised tips provide additional comfort. Connected by a silver chain; the metal links also add sensory arousal when aga..
Bound to Please Beaded Adjustable Nipple Clamp
For those who desire sensations and style; clip these stylish; beaded clamps to nipples for a sensual mix of teasing tickling and restrictive pressure. Attached jewel beads look and feel devine whilst rubberised clamp tips ensure comfort to the wearer. Ni..
Bound to Please Beaded Nipple Clamp
These tweezer-style nipple clamps will not only please the wearer but the eye of the beholder as the beaded adornments glisten against the skin. With added rubberised tips for comfort; you can focus on looking and feeling fabulous as the jewel beads tickl..
Bound to Please Clit Clip
Adorn your intimate areas with this stylish; high quality clit clip complete with cute; heart-shaped charms. The sensation of the adornments tickling against the skin adds an extra pleasurable sensation while also acting as a playful surprise to a lover. ..
Bound to Please Heavy Duty Nipple Clamp
These quality; adjustable press clamps adjust fluidly and effortlessly allowing precision adjustments in intensity. Connected by a silver chain; the metal links also add sensory arousal when against skin. Nickel free...
Bound to Please Nipple & Clit Clamp
Connect every pleasure point with this combined nipple and clit clamp. Simply attach to the nipples and clitoris and enjoy as body movements increase tension across the chain; resulting in tugging; teasing sensations you'll adore. Nickel free...
Bound to Please Nipple Clamp Bells
The perfect addition to any role player's collection; these nipple clamps with bell adornments will leave pleasure ringing in your ears! Simply attach the tweezer-style clamps to nipples and quivver in delight at the sensation of the cold metal against th..
Bound to Please Nipple Clamps & Chain
The perfect entry-level nipple clamp set; these tweezer style clamps provide the perfect combination of small surface area for pin-point pressure and rubberised tips for comfort. Connected by a silver; link chain; the metal links also add sensory arousal ..
Bound to Please Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamp
When clipped to nipples; the these Squeezer Teaser clamps tighten as the chain is pulled; putting the wearer at the mercy of the pull of a chord. Connected by a silver chain; the metal links also add sensory arousal when against skin. Nickel free metal...
Bound to Please Vibrating Nipple Clamp
For those who hunger multiple sensations; clip these vibrating clamps to nipples for a heady mix of powerful vibration and restrictive pressure. Attached bullets provide a single setting of intense vibrations whilst rubberised clamp tips ensure comfort to..
Bunny Dreams
You'll be bouncing for joy with the Bunny Dreams G-spot mini-vibe. Ideally sized for beginners and advanced toy-lovers alike; the soft; flexible shaft is perfect for probing your G-spot while the bunny at the base nuzzles neatly into your folds and aga..
Candy Nipple Tassels
Cure your craving with these candy nipple tassels. These cute little tassels are tasty and titillating all at the same time. A perfect way to bring fun and frolics to the bedroom...
Clit Hugger G Spot Pleaser
If you have never experienced the bliss of a G Spot orgasm then this product is for you! Not only is it perfectly shaped and flexible for precision G Spot massage; it has soft jelly stimulating nubs to hug and stimulate your clitoris at the same time. ..
Cola Willies
The ideal accompaniment to any risque party; these sugar coated; cola flavoured sweets are shaped like little members and promise to please! ..
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