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Dr. Joel Kaplan Beginner Anal Exerciser
Dr. Joel Kaplan; the leading male sexual health expert; has designed the Beginner Anal Exerciser for those wanting to explore the sensations of anal play. The pliable; durable tapered probe makes for easy insertion and an oversized; angled suction cup bas..
Dr. Joel Kaplan Silicone 2” Extension
Enhancing the pleasure for you and your partner this stretchy and comfortable extender adds 2”/5 cm to your length and the built-in scrotum ring provides added support and secure placement. Made from body safe; unscented; phthalate free silicone...
Fifty Days Of Play
Feeling inspired by a certain saucy trilogy of novels recently but are unsure where to start? Then why not add some naughty fun and variety to your bedroom with the Fifty Days Of Play board game for lovers! A whole host of actions and suggestions await..
Fifty Nights of Naughtiness
Tired of the same old routine? Want to inject a few shades of passion into your love making? Then prepare to take 50 seductive steps towards the sex life you’ve been lusting after! Inside the box you will find 50 secret envelopes; with five levels of p..
Game for Sex
Voted sex game of the year; and now available in a revised edition! It's easy to play and is the perfect way to get you and your partner in the mood. Four people can take part so the fun isn't limited if you're daring enough. ..
Glow In The Dark Love Dice
Turn off the lights and turn on each other! These Glow in the Dark Love Dice are a great way to add some fun to your sex life. One has a body part and one has an action. Throw the dice to see which combination you have to perform on your lover...
iScream Vibrator
This classic vibrator is soft and sensual but incredibly powerful. Feels amazing against the skin and has easy controlled multi-speeds for vibrations as strong or as light as you like. Waterproof too so take to the bath or shower. ..
Lady Finger Vibrator Black
The powerful; classic Lady Finger vibrator now comes in sleek elegant black. Enjoy discreet pleasure either in the bedroom or wherever you choose to enjoy this beauty. Ideal for internal stimulation but just as good for erogenous zone exploration and a..
Lesbian Sex Card Game
Each Lesbian Sex Card explicitly illustrates a foreplay activity or a sexual position. While playing one of the three games you and your partner use the cards to plan out one of the 100 000 possible fantasies. After building your fantasy you act i..
Lubido Hybrid Moisturising Lubricant 50ml
Water based lubricant with a touch of silicone; Lubido Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds; the cleanliness and simplicity of a water based lubricant with the long lasting glide of a silicone lubricant. Available in 50ml and 250ml no mess; user frie..
Monogamy will have you loving; laughing and lusting after each other after just a few rolls of the dice. Along the way you will experience new; exciting and occasionally hilarious challenges with stimulating; sexy and wild conversations. The game cl..
Sex! Card Game
Each sex card explicitly illustrates either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. While playing one of the three card games you and your lover use the cards to plan out one of the 100 000 possible fantasies. After building a fantasy you get to p..
Spicy Dice
Spice up your sex life with these spicy dice. You get three dice and the game is easy to play. Simply roll the two octagon dice and follow the directions for at least two minutes; every fourth roll you roll all three dice and carry out the instructions..
Stick A Dick On A Geek
An excellent twist on the family favourite 'Pin the tail kn the Donkey'; Stick a dick on a Geek is a must-have for any hen do or party wanting a little added geek chic. From the popular Stick a Dick range comes the Geek edition with his cheeky grin; ke..
Touche Body Slide Play Mat
The Body Slide Play Mat is designed for those that love regular massages or like to use lots of lubricant but don't want to dirty the sheets! 2000mm x 1600mm in size and with inflatable sides you can get as messy as you like with no fear of making a me..
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