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Blow Job Freshening Mouth Spray
When you need fresh breath in a flash! These gorgeous breath fresheners are small in size making them ideal for popping in your handbag. Each has a sexy pin up design on the canister meaning they're also a fab fashion accessory. When in need simp..
Perfect for playing a prank on an unsuspecting colleague or friend; the Blow Job Vacancy heat change mug will certainately provide laughs!Simply fill up this quality; ceramic mug with hot liquid to see the text change from an innocent ##quot;Job Vacancy##..
Candy Bra
Who could resist lingerie made from sweets? This fabulous bra is made from hundreds of sherbety sweets just like the sweet necklaces and bracelets you buy from the sweet shop. Great fun and great fruit taste; slip it on and then let him nibble it of..
Candy G-String
Who could resist lingerie made from sweets? This fabulous g-string panty is made from hundreds of sherbety sweets just like the sweet necklaces and bracelets you buy from the sweet shop. Great fun and great fruit taste; slip them on and let him nibb..
Candy Nipple Tassels
Cure your craving with these candy nipple tassels. These cute little tassels are tasty and titillating all at the same time. A perfect way to bring fun and frolics to the bedroom...
Candy Posing Pouch
Show off your assets with this fantastic candy posing pouch. Made from candy beads that taste delicious...
Chocolate Body Paint
Drip; paint; squirt or spread it on and then lick it off! Chocolate body paint is great fun and makes foreplay even better. ..
Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush
This tin of delicious chocolate body paint and brush set will enable you to paint a masterpiece like never before. Once opened; dip the brush into the tin of yummy chocolate and be as creative as you like using your lover's body as a canvas! Super y..
Clone A Willy Chocolate Moulding Kit
What do you get for the boy who has everything...?A chocolate willy kit of course! This kit contains everything you need to make a perfect chocolate replica of your willy - fast-setting silicone moulding gel; and enough chocolate drops to make one willy. ..
Cream Filled Willies
This box of cream filled willies is the perfect gift novelty gift for her! Containing 9 milk chocolate willies filled with a creamy fondant. Great for hen nights; birthdays; secret Santa or the girl that loves chocolate. ..
Dick on a Stick
A solid; milk chocolate; naughtiest nibble of all! Make them giggle and sate appetites with this naughty yet satisfying Dick on a Stick. Perfect for party treats; fun on nights in or out or simply to put a smile on your partner's face...
Doc Johnson 10 inch Classic Dong
For those that like just a little bit more... the Doc Johnson 10 Inch Classic Dong fulfils and satisfies. Ten full inches of real feel cock for you to lovingly care for and indulge in; this dildo feels amazing as you explore and discover new sensations..
Doc Johnson Dick Rambone Black
Are you ready for the ride of your life? The Dick Rambone by Doc Johnson is 15 inches full of realistic pleasure; moulded from the eponymous porn star; famous for his well-endowed package. It’s safe to say that this black monster will never leave you want..
Doc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Spray Mint
If you want to give good head but struggle with your gag reflex then this spray is ideal. Simply spray the mint flavoured liquid to the back of your throat prior to oral to help give amazing deep throat pleasure. Turn Good head into great head! •..
Doc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Spray Sweet Strawberry
ID Backslide is formulated to ease anal intercourse. The high quality; concentrated formula ensures hours of anal play; simply apply to intimate areas to increase sensual comfort and pleasure. To wash off easily; use soap and water. Silicone bas..
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